The Save Our Snow Foundation

Many people in North America are making huge efforts to publicise climate change in ski resorts and what we can all do about it.

These include current and former ski racers who, through their world travels, are particulartly aware of the issues in ski resorts around the planet.

In the forefront of the campaign is world champion freeskier Alison Gannett who has set up the Save Our Snow Foundation and has been working to publicise the issues.   Alison has been out on the road around ski resorts in the US and canada using an RV powered by vegetable oil to get around.  

Alison's goal is to inspire skiers and snowboarders to join the fight against global warming presenting a ski adventure film and images from around the world -- from straight vertical faces in Alaska to first descents in India, hula-hooping on skis in Africa and adventure skiing the glaciers and mountains of France. All the while, Gannett tries to educate people about climate disruption and teach them how to save snow and the planet.

"We are touring from resort to resort raising awareness about global warming and simple actions people can do to prevent it," Gannett told reporters "I have always been an environmentalist and a skier. I have this weird obsession with saving the planet. It came from my grandmother who taught me that you have to walk the talk," Gannett said. "I've made a lot of personal changes such as building a straw bail house, quitting heli skiing, and selling my snowmobile."

The lifelong environmentalist burst onto the freeskiing scene 10 years ago, taking the world extreme/freeskiing title. She has also trained with Al Gore on the Climate Project. Gannett said it is imperative for people to make personal connections with the reality of global warming.

"I want people to think, 'Wow, this is really happening to me and I need to be part of the solution,'" Gannett said. "Generally we are going to have a lot more periods of extreme weather. As the planet gets warmer, the weather is going to get weirder and people need to make that connection,"

"I don't know a skier or snowboarder who doesn't have a personal connection with an awesome powder day. It's hard not to feel connected to the Earth," Gannett said.

Also campaigning on the issue is Olympic champion and three-time World Championships medalist Julia Mancuso who auctioned helmets and some of her ski race bibs, including from the 2007 Alpine World Ski Championships and Olympics races, to help combat global warming.

"Hopefully the auction can raise more awareness to the World Wildlife Federation's climate and global warming program as well as Right to Play . I hope to get more people involved and to raise more awareness," Julia said.

Another US Olympic Champion racer Ted Ligety has also endorsed the WWF's climate change program.